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ToolkitRC WM150 2.4" LCD PWM Watt Meter Power Analyzer Multimeter

ToolkitRC WM150 2.4" LCD PWM Watt Meter Power Analyzer Multimeter

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Product Type:Multimeters Display
Screen Size:2.4 -inch
Screen Resolution:320*240
Screen Type:TFT Aesthetic
Color:Black Electronic Components
Input Voltage:1-50 -voltManufacturer
Brand:ToolkitRC Package
Package Type:Retail
Package Contents:1*Watt Meter, 1*USB Cable, 1*User Manual Dimensions us | metric
Depth:23 mm
Height:54 mm
Width:80 mm
Product Weight:120 gFastTech
DATE LISTED:11/26/2019Details:Input: Voltage 1-50V@Max. 150A, USB 5.0V@1A Firmware Upgrade @USB3.0
Output: PWM 1000US-2000US@50Hz
Accuracy: 10mA/1US
ToolkitRC WM150 is a Watt Meter, which is capable to test voltage, power, current data of the electric equipment, like servo, ESC, battery, etc.
1-50V power supply, the max current is up to 150A, the precision is accurate to 10mA.
Support PWM signal, 1us precision, the pulse width is changable by adjusting the button.
Automaticly to change the unit of the capacity, when it is lower than 1A, the unit-display is MA, when it is higher than 1A, the unit-dispaly is changed to A.
The watt meter is also supporting to display working hours.
USB firmware update, easy to operate.

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